What We Do

 Transmission Instruments is your source for rebuilt and refurbished Remote Shifters for Allison Automatic Transmissions, specifically WTEC II, and the WTEC III type remote shifters. These push-button control boxes are found in medium-size trucks, buses, RVs, service/utillity vehicles, and many other pieces of equipment fitted with the tough and time-honored Allison transmissions.


We can often repair your ECU. Call us for details and please have your trouble codes handy. If we can't fix your ECU, you don't pay. (Sorry, Transmission ECUs only. We don't repair engine management systems.)

Our turn around time for ECU rebuilds is typically 24 to 48 hours. Put your contact information ( name, phone number and e-mail address ) directly on the unit.


Shipping Instructions:

Make a copy of all the labels on your ECU for your records, in case it gets lost in the mail.

Pack the unit very well, especially around connectors! Use extra packing material where necessary to make sure all connectors are protected. Sometimes we get a unit with broken connectors because it's not packed correctly, which can result in additional repair charges.

Please  e-mail us your Tracking number.

Our Shipping address is:   

Transmission Instruments
6101 Long Prairie Road, Ste 744-185
Flower Mound, TX 75028

Our only payment option for the ECU rebuild is a credit card payment on our website via Pay-Pal, after the work is done.
(You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal credit card payment system).

Why use Us?

The remote shifter modules are expensive to replace, running between $1100.00 and $1600.00. (Except the ATEC remote shifters, which are no longer in production). In-shop rebuilding is impractical and often results in a short-lived repair. Transmission Instruments specializes in the ground-up rebuild and refurbishment of these devices.

Is this different than buying a repair kit?


The repair kits replace certain wear-prone parts but the printed circuit board - the backbone of the device, is not included. For the serviceman in the pit, this means wasting time and money by sending the vehicle to a body shop to perform "electrical" repairs. Even the body shop mechanic will find this time-consuming rebuild will result in a less than favorable fix.

For example, the pushbuttons are integrated into the printed circuit board (PCB), and cannot be replaced, however, with our proprietary restorative processes, they can be repaired. Often there is damage to the PCB itself, which is something no transmission shop, body shop, or field service mechanic is outfitted to repair. We specialize in these repairs, and take these shifter boxes down to the component level, restoring them to a better than new condition.

The shifter or ECU you send in for rebuilding with us will probably outlast the remaining service life of the equipment it came from.


What is Required?

We only need your shifter or ECU core.